JJ Whispers Cocktail & Piano Bar: Why we love ODK Cocktail Purees

JJ Whispers Cocktail and Piano Bar has been a main stay in Rayleigh, Essex for many years. In October of last year they had a revamp, with a new focus on live music and a wide and fantastic choice of professionally made cocktails. With around 40 cocktails on the menu JJ Whispers aims to offer a unique local experience that would usually require a trip to London to fulfil. With amazing line ups of pianists and singers from across the UK, everything from Frank Sinatra to Rhianna is covered, appealing to cocktail and music lovers of all ages.

We spoke to the owner of JJ Whispers, Dan Sheridan about why they opted for ODK for the launch of this new extensive cocktail menu, some tasty examples and more:


“If you were looking for a cocktail experience where you have the choice of more than 5 cocktails – from classics, to tiki and everything in between – then you would have almost certainly have to venture into London in this part of Essex. With the grand revamp of JJ Whispers in October of last year we were able to create this sort of professional and comprehensive cocktail offering locally – and it has proved a popular concept!”


How do you make use of ODK in JJ Whispers and why ODK?

“We make use of the ODK cocktail purees and the cocktail syrups in the main. In particular strawberry, passion fruit, coconut, raspberry, mango, peach and of course the fantastic sweet and sour mix. The sweet and sour mix in particular is one of the best sour mixes we have come across – not only is it easy to use as all ODK is – but it also has the best balance of flavour for making a whole manner of cocktails, especially our Amaretto Sour.

We make use of the purees in most cases, although we also like to use fresh fruit where possible. The purees are great because the shelf life is so good.

We find adding the purees to cocktails that already have that base fruit or flavour already in it – such as adding the ODK mango cocktail puree to our Mango Daiquiri, which is made with fresh mangoes – really helps strengthen the overall flavour of mango, providing an unrivalled flavour consistency that we have yet to find it any other cocktail puree.

A bit of a breakthrough for us was when we tried swapping out the coconut cream in our Pina Colada for ODK coconut cocktail puree. First off I was surprised at how authentic the Pina Colada tasted and then to see that the consistency remained as you would expect with a Pina Colada.

If anything it enhanced the Pina Colada at JJ Whispers. We used to have a problem at busy times with getting a lot of Pina Colada’s made, since swapping to the coconut puree we have found that we can put together great tasting Pina Colada’s faster than before.

This was an issue we had with another cocktail puree and syrup we were using for 3 years prior to using ODK. It is one of the most popular and comes in foil, squeeze packets – or well it used to. Not only are we finding ODK better concentrated, so we do not need to use as much, but the shelf life and ease of use is streets ahead. The ODK bottles slot into our speed rails with ease and the purees in particular remain fresh for well over a month once opened”.


Cocktail creations from JJ Whispers featuring ODK:

Pina Colada 

50ml Havana Three Year Rum, 50ml ODK Coconut Puree (depending on potency of flavour requested), 37.5ml Pineapple Juice. Served in a frozen, hollowed out pineapple.

odk mango

Mango Daiquiri

50ml Bacardi White, 37.5ml ODK Mango Puree, 50ml ODK Sweet and Sour Mix, Half a cup of Fresh Mangoes. Garnish with a slice of mango and a mint sprig.


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