‘Value for money is very important to us’ – Why Pecking Order opts for ODK

Pecking Order is a chain of two restaurant/bars situated in North London – Stanmore and Edgware¬†to be exact. Rated Stanmore’s best restaurant by independent reviews on Trip Advisor in 2016, Pecking Order was also named the 2015 Harrow Times Restaurant of the Year as well as receiving a nomination in 2016.

A premium casual dining experience with the look and feel of Shoreditch and affluent suburban high streets and market towns, it is fair to say the menu looks pretty tasty – and that isn’t just the food, but the cocktails as well!

With cocktail classics such as the Bloody Mary, Strawberry Daiquiri and the Pornstar Martini on the menu, it is clear to see why Pecking Order in both Stanmore and New Barnet are a hit with Londoners and tourists alike.

The cocktails as well as the rotisserie chicken are often praised on independent review websites so we wanted to find out what the key to these great tasting cocktails is – it can’t just be the use of ODK cocktail purees and cocktail syrups, can it?

We speak with owner and manager Dhilon to find out:


So what made you decide to use ODK’s cocktail purees and cocktail syrups?

“For us it is generally¬†comes down to value, we make a lot of cocktails here at Pecking Order and we want to make sure that we get the most value we can out of our cocktail purees and syrups.

Although ODK is can sometimes be priced a little higher than other cocktail syrups and purees I find that we get more out of each bottle – especially compared to those that come in the foil packets, which sometimes you have to throw away because they don’t seem to stay as fresh.

The bottles used for the cocktail purees are perfect for the bar, with the name of the flavour on the top of the bottle and the pop cap and squeeze system they work a treat. This basically means that me or any of our bartenders can easily identify the flavour without having to look at the whole bottle, which is great when they are in a speed rail.

The pop cap system seems to work really well for keeping the fruit puree fresh and of course it is as simple as pour and squeeze when you need to use it – other cocktail purees I have used in the past require you to decant into a separate bottle if you want that same ease of use”.

The Pecking Order Porn Star Martini


Tell us about a couple of your cocktails that use ODK cocktail purees or cocktail syrups…

“We take a lot of pride in our cocktail menu at Pecking Order, we offer of our own takes on classics such as the Porn Star Martini and the Mojito however we also have some of our original creations that you certainly have to try if you ever find yourself in Stanmore or Edgware such as the Pecking Order Cocktail and the Pecking Order Punch!”

For your eyes only, take a look at a couple of recipes from Pecking Order below:


Lychee Martini

37.5ml Vodka

12.5ml St Germain

12.5ml ODK Lychee Cocktail Puree

37.5ml Lychee Juice


Pornstar Martini

50ml Vodka

12.5ml ODK Passionfruit Cocktail Puree

10ml ODK Vanilla Cocktail Syrup

10ml ODK Caramel Cocktail Syrup

12.5ml Lemon Juice

37.5ml Pineapple Juice


Enjoy Cocktails the best way. Enjoy ODK.


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