Discover ODK Strawberry Puree: Health benefits and more

If like us you’re a grand lover of strawberries then we think you will enjoy this! Strawberries are of course available all year around in this fantastic world in which we live – we source our strawberries for the ODK strawberry cocktail puree and the cocktail syrup from Spain and Poland.

Did you know strawberries aren’t just packed full of flavour but also a whole host of health benefits? Our strawberry puree is made from the best whole strawberries, sugar and water.

strawberry puree

ODK strawberry puree is so good in fact that it can be used for more than just your next cocktail or mocktail – try a dash of our highly concentrated and flavoursome strawberry puree in your porridge in the morning or as garnish on a creamy dessert.

Although if you want to get the best out of ODK – a cocktail is where you can find it, we are not sure how many of the following health benefits actually apply when consumed alongside alcohol though!

For more reasons to justify your strawberry habit, savour these five sweet facts:

1. They are an excellent source of folate. Strawberries are an amazing source of folate (the folic acid found in food). Inadequate amounts of folate in the ageing population can contribute to atherosclerosis, vascular disease and even a decline in cognitive function. Medications used for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis can actually deplete folic acid in the body, so stock up on strawberries to replenish!

2. They could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Strawberries are being studied for their unique ability to suppress the inflammatory responses of the body and reduce our risk of hypertension by lowering LDL cholesterol. A 2013 study published in Circulation found women who ate three or more servings of strawberries and blueberries in a week reduced their risk of heart attack by 32 percent.

3. There’s more than enough vitamin C. Strawberries contain more than 100 percent of our daily recommended intake of vitamin C in just one cup. Recent studies show that when vitamin C is consumed during times of stress, it actually has the ability to decrease our blood pressure to a normal level, preventing the development of hypertension — especially in kids.

4. They’re a great source of fibre.
 Strawberries are high in fibre, which is important for moving food through your digestive system and helping bowel movements. This can help improve digestion, especially for those with constipation.

5. They’re high in antioxidants. Strawberries contain anthocyanin, which is a powerful antioxidant that protects us from the damaging effects of our environment, especially the sun. The antioxidant power of the anthrocyanins found in strawberries lasts up to 24 hours after consumption; this makes them a great defence against free radical damage.

Who knew the strawberry was such an amazing fruit? We have put together this fantastic strawberry based cocktail for you to enjoy – just think of all those great antioxidants you’ll be getting…


The ODK Valentine Recipe

50ml Gin, 10 ml ODK Strawberry Puree, 5ml Rose Water, 10ml Lime Juice, 5ml ODK White Sugar Syrup, Topped with Prosecco.

Shake, Strain and serve in a Coupe glass with edible rose petals and a strawberry rose flower garnish.


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