ODK Banana Cocktail Puree – The Key to your very own ‘Winter Sun’

Tired of cold-weather ingredients? Had one too many Winter Warmers? Banana Cocktails are the answer! Yes, you read that right, banana cocktails. Banana is a very unique flavour and can conjure up thoughts of tropical climates, warmer times and that summer holiday, which seems so far away.

There is a quite an extensive range of cocktails out there made with banana flavourings, banana liquor or banana cocktail puree. The Bunny’s Banana Daiquiri and The Wise Old Munkey are two of our favourites, even in the world of Tiki where tropical flavours are a main ingredient, Banana still doesn’t pop up as much as you would expect. We don’t think banana gets its fair say when it comes to cocktails – so call this our ‘Ode to Banana’ perhaps:

Bunny’s Banana Daiquiri

Jamaican, Spiced, and Overproof rums, Coconut Liquor, ODK Banana Cocktail Puree, Lime, Nutmeg.

Wise Old Munkey

Old Monk Officers’ XXX Rum, Créme de Banana, ODK Banana Cocktail Puree, Orange Bitters


There are some interesting experiments going on in the world of mixology however. In particular bartenders are combining bananas with the Brazilian rum cachaca: There’s even a banana-infused Cachaca Coffee, and you’ll even find banana in the Cinnamon Toast Punch (cachaca, sherry, roasted banana purée, milk, amaro) at some establishments.

Typically in Tiki cocktail making banana is combined with Rum, and we all know how well rum and bananas go together!(It is really well by the way!). Although we are hearing about two lesser known accompaniments that have been identified, which marry up perfectly with the bananas tropical taste – Sherry or Whisky. Well it is certainly worth a go, we are never ones to say no to an alcoholic experiment!


Discover ODK Banana Cocktail Puree


Whereas some bartenders prefer to opt for a banana liquor in their cocktail to add a hint of the mighty yellow fruit, others will opt for fresh banana mashed to a pulp, however most will opt for a banana cocktail puree. Puree’s and syrups form the majority of bartenders cocktail ingredients as they provide high quality, full bodied flavour, and efficiency in serving times – compared to fresh fruit or freshly made fruit purees.

banana cocktail puree


Here at ODK we also stand head and shoulders above the competition on serving efficiency. Our unique bottle and cap design means that, unlike other cocktail fruit purees, you simply need to give our cocktail puree a shake, pop the cap, and use; no form of decanting or other preparation required!



Enjoy Cocktails the right way, enjoy ODK.


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