Discover pistachio flavoured cream: Cocktails, coffees and more…

If you haven’t tried ODK’s flavoured cream range then you are almost certainly missing out. Currently made up of our incredible pistachio flavoured cream, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, hazelnut and white chocolate – there are lots of different sweet and sumptuous flavours to choose from.

Originally designed as the perfect accompaniment for milk based coffees, the ODK flavoured creams are great at adding a hint of white chocolate or pistachio to your coffee – furthermore if you are into your latte art, ODK’s flavoured creams are the perfect consistency and flavour for decorating the top of your coffee.

pistachio flavoured cream

Although milk based coffees were the original reason ODK launched their flavoured cream range, since the release many other great uses have been discovered, such as the perfect garnish for dessert, a great flavour to add to your homemade ice cream, and even an interesting addition to cocktails.


Did you know…

  • Pistachios are good for your heart. Pistachios have been proven to lower bad forms of LDL cholesterol in the body.
  • They are great for those watching their weight. High in protein, low in saturated fats and low in calories, pistachios make the perfect snack.
  • A good source of antioxidants. We all know how good antioxidants are for us, well pistachios nuts and particularly pistachio shells are high in antioxidant-goodness.


Pistachio flavoured cream in cocktails


pistachio flavoured cream


With that in mind we have put together two ODK cocktails for you to try:

The Rum Roll
50ml aged rum, 12.5ml ODK Mandarin Cocktail Puree, 2 dashes of Orange Bitters, 12.5ml of ODK Pistachio Flavoured Cream.
Shake and strain, served in a Hobstar rocks glass with cubed ice. Garnish with a dried mandarin wheel.

The Bourbon Smash

50ml Bourbon, 20ml ODK Pistachio Flavoured Cream, 100ml Fresh Pineapple Juice, 10ml Fresh Lime Juice.
Shake and strain, served in a julep mug with crushed ice. Garnish with toasted pistachios on top.

Enjoy cocktails the best way. Enjoy ODK.


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