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Falernum syrup is certainly one of the more unusual flavours within the ODK cocktail syrup range, however, it is certainly not an unusual flavour to find in your cocktail, especially if it is of the Tiki variety.

Originally, Falernum was a sweet syrup created in the Caribbean, it contains flavours of garlic, almond, ginger, and lime. The colour of the syrup can range from white to amber, and can also be alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Although it seems to be known that Falernum originated in the Caribbean, the time at which it was invented is still not fully understood – with some believing it stretches right back to the 18th century.

Falernum Cocktail Syrup

If so, it is very impressive to see  Falernum syrup still going strong today – used in many a cocktail and a main stay on the Tiki cocktail scene. It may not be a common cocktail syrup found in most bars, however, a short trip to Manchester – the unofficial ‘Tiki Cocktail Capital’ of the UK – will see you with many a Falernum cocktail to try.

Naturally, here at ODK we have our own version of the Falernum syrup, created with hints of ginger, almond, lime, vanilla, and a variety of spices – and of course like all of our cocktail purees, cocktail syrups, and flavoured creams – is gluten free.

Falernum Cocktail Syrup

As ODK Falernum cocktail syrup is used in many a Tiki cocktail, here is a very tasty one for you to try with these unusual new and exotic flavours. The one and only Zombie (created by Donn Beach):

Donn Beach was infamously cagey about sharing his cocktail recipes, especially the one for his legendary Zombie cocktail, but tiki expert Jeff Berry pieced the recipe together through historical research and lucky encounters with former Beachcomber employees.

falernum cocktail syrup

The Original Zombie Cocktail

37.5ml Jamaican rum
37.5ml gold Puerto Rican rum
25ml 151-proof Demerara rum
dash Herbsaint or Pernod


Method: Shake and strain
Glass: Highball/Tall glass/Hurricane
Garnish: Sprig of fresh mint


Enjoy cocktails the best way, enjoy ODK.


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