What your cocktail sales data isn’t telling you.

So many bars let their current sales numbers dictate the direction of their drinks offer, and with good reason. The kind of drinks your guests are ordering are a decent read on what they might want in the future, but it is an imperfect system.

For example, I once worked for a restaurant chain that was looking for 2% of sales being doughballs. This would indicate that the staff were actively offering them when guests were sat at their table, a brand standard at the time.

The actual effect of this quota, was that managers would tell the staff to ring through garlic breads as doughballs, which depleted the same ingredients but made the numbers look better. The numbers would be skewed and the upper management would see a fake demand level.

Avoiding waste

When all waste is demonised, cocktails with ingredients that go off quickly may not be available. Managers of bars that move most volume at the weekends won’t want to open another pouch of purée when it will be thrown away before the next service, so the sales of drinks your guests want will drop.

So instead of fearing waste, address it. ODK purées last 3 months once opened and don’t need to be refrigerated or decanted. So your guests can actually buy the drinks they want. Try ODK Mixers in your bar and you’ll see the real demand for vibrant tasting fruity cocktails.


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