Build your own Collins – beyond the G&T

With the UK’s Gin craze showing no signs of slowing down and many pubs now offering a broad range of premium gins and gin styles, it’s easy to just stick to the G&T. The bitterness of Tonic water is not for everyone though, and it couldn’t be easier to offer a “Build you your own Collins” on your menu.

Build Your Own Collins Recipe

Add 50ml lemon juice and 25ml sugar syrup to your gin (preferably a double measure) and top with soda and garnish. It’s pretty simple but if you need to speed up service even further, try this…

High Volume Service Prep for Collins

Mix 2 bottles of ODK Mixers 100% Sicilian lemon Juice with one bottle of our white sugar syrup and just pour 75ml of this Collins premix with your gin and top with soda. Really simple and fast to serve, and the one month shelf life of our citrus means you’ll never throw any away.

You can take this mix (2.25 litres all together) and pour it back into the original bottles for service – the wrap on our Lemon juice bottles will peel right off so you can label them up as your new Collins Mix.

How to Sell the Build Your Own Collins

Simple to advertise too – “Make your Gin a Collins for £1.50” or whatever you want to charge, but around the price of a tonic should work great! Perfectly refreshing for your summer menu.

Alcohol Free?

This Build Your Own Collins premix also makes the perfect base for a homemade lemonade. Simply pour 75ml over ice with soda water or add 12.5 to 15ml of any ODK purée to it for a fruit lemonade.


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