ODK produce the finest quality purees, syrups and mixers - developed by bartenders for bartenders. All of our products are Gluten Free using the best Italian ingredients.

— Andy Collinson

Great products,

Great packaging.

We take real pride in the design of our packaging, there is no need to decant our products into squeezy bottles as it already comes in one. There is no defrosting or freezing necessary and with three types of seal on the lid, it will last you a minimum of two months once opened, meaning almost no wastage. Unopened they’ll last you a year.

Bartenders world wide appreciate the ease of use of ODK products, and continue to listen to their thoughts and suggestions.

Contact Us

The Stables, Suite 2
Studham Place, Common Road
Studham, Bedfordshire, LU6 2FU

Phone: 020 3095 2768
Email: info@odkmixers.co.uk

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